Sometimes, when we subscribe to a streaming platform like Amazon prime, we cannot watch our favorite shows and movies because of our busy routines, and our subscription expires. And that feels like a waste of money, but what if you find the Amazon Prime video download tool and watch your favorite content without any limitations.

Now you must be thinking about the tools options to download amazon prime video to your PC (Windows, Mac). And if you don’t know anything about such tools, don't worry because we will talk about our top favorite Amazon Prime video download tools today. We will also detail their features, advantages, and disadvantages in detail.

What is Amazon Prime, and What's Unique About it?

Amazon Prime is a paid service that comes with a subscription that allows all its subscribers to try it for free for up to a limited period. Once you purchase a subscription, you get the fantastic opportunity to watch creative content in the form of movies and shows with your favorite actors performing their best.

You can use a third-party app for Amazon Prime video download, and we will talk about that later in the article. The content purely made for Amazon prime won't be on any other platform, which makes it unique. However, you have to pay $15/ month to enjoy and have all that fun. But what if your subscription ends and you haven’t finished your favorite show yet?

Why do People Look for Amazon Prime Video Download Tools?

Before telling you about the amazon prime video download free tools, we want to clarify why people like downloading Amazon's content. First, you need to understand that Amazon Prime offers the download option to its subscribers, but the content gets saved in the app instead of on a user's device.

Also, once you download a specific movie or an episode of a show you like, it only lasts for 30 days in your Amazon Prime app. And that's the main reason people look for a third-party Amazon Prime video app for PC download to have their favorite content for an unlimited period saved on their desktop.

What are the Top 7 Tools to Download Amazon Prime Video in 2022?

If you often search ‘how to download amazon prime video on pc,' you are at the right platform because today, we will answer that query. Below are our top 7 Amazon Prime video download tools that you can use and have unlimited streaming hours of your favorite content.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

StreamFab Amazon Downloader is our most recommended tool for downloading any movie or show from the streaming platform. The best thing about the software is that it works effortlessly on both Windows and Mac devices. Your downloads from Amazon Prime can stay on your computer for as long as you want them, and you will have no limitations.

When we are traveling, we sometimes have to use VPN to access Amazon prime or such streaming platforms in different countries. So, StreamFab Amazon Downloader is created to support VPN downloads. You will find the option to download the videos in various formats, including MP4, and no free ads will be there to annoy you.


  • You can download any movie, show, metadata, audio, and subtitles from Amazon Prime in the highest possible quality (1080p).
  • It is a safe Amazon Prime video download tool that allows batch downloading and offers multiple file-formats with many editing tools.
  • The app will continuously update and get better while allowing the transfer of downloaded files to different devices.


  • The platform will allow you only to download 3 titles in the free version, so you must buy a paid subscription ($69/ year) to get the unlimited download option.

Video Grabber

If you don't want the fuss of downloading software to get the Amazon Prime video download option, you can try video grabber because it comes with a desktop and an online version. You get the opportunity to download amazon prime videos in multiple file formats and HD quality using this software. You also get a built-in editor for your downloaded videos using Video Grabber.


  • The platform allows you to record your screen and offers you editing tools.
  • You get multiple file format options, and the best part is that it is free software.


  • You don’t get the option to download metadata which can be a bummer.

Tune Boto

Tune Boto can operate on Windows and Mac devices as an Amazon Prime video download tool. You get both paid and free versions, but the latter has its limitations. You have the option to download audio files and subtitles. The interface of the software is simple to understand and use.


  • It offers fast and free downloading, and you get the batch-mode option.
  • You get multilingual support, and you can download subtitles and metadata.


  • The app doesn't offer multiple file format options for your downloaded videos.

Y2mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Suppose you are searching for a good Amazon Prime Video download tool. You need to try out the Y2mate Amazon Prime Video downloader because it lets you download as many videos as you want from the streaming platform in different file formats. You can download the app on Windows, Mac, and even mobile phones.


  • You get the option to download sounds, even those with stereo effects, at a very fast speed.
  • The platform offers you continuous update options and customer support.


  • You don't get unlimited download options in the free version of the Y2mate app.

Kigo Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Kigo is an innovative Amazon Prime video download tool with a built-in search engine tool that offers you the option to save subtitles. You can also download multiple audio files in one go without damaging the quality of the downloads. The best part is that you get the option to download in 4K ultra and 1080p.


  • It is a safe and clean app that allows audio description downloading.
  • The interface is user-friendly, and you get multilingual support with it.


  • You don't get to control your selected videos' resolution and download speed.

Any Video Converter Ultimate

Any video converter ultimate allows you to download Amazon Prime videos in 200 file formats. You also get additional screen recording features for all the videos you play on your desktop. However, the best part we like about this software is that it allows you to select the resolution quality you want to download the Amazon Prime Videos.


  • You get the option to convert DVDs into CD format if you like.
  • The app offers you the option of batch download while maintaining HD quality.
  • You get multiple editing features for your downloaded videos.


  • The recording process takes a lot of time, and it also lags.


The last option we have is TunePat, as it is one of the best Amazon Prime video download tools that allows you to control the download speed and resolution quality. You can use the software on both Windows and Mac devices and download videos in MP4 and MKV formats, both very popular.


  • You get an easy interface and the option to use the video link you want to download to search for it.
  • The app also offers a batch download option, including audio descriptions.


  • You cannot download videos in 4K, and the file format options are limited.

Final Words

We hope that our article helps you figure out the best Amazon Prime Video download tool so that your entertainment hours don't get hindered by anything. Before going, we would like to remind you of StreamFab Amazon Downloader because it is the best app to download videos from the platform for free. You can go through each software's features, pros, cons, and select the one that suits your needs the best.


How to Download Amazon Prime Video to PC?

The easiest way to download Amazon Prime videos to Mac or Windows is by using a third-party app that gives you the option to download videos from the streaming platform. Because you know that if you download videos directly on Amazon prime, they will stay in the app and last for only 30 days.

Can You Download Amazon Prime Video to Hard Drive?

You cannot download an Amazon Prime video to the external hard drive using the app because it doesn't allow you to do that. But using any third-party app will allow you to download Amazon videos to the hard drive.

Do Amazon Prime Downloads Last For an Unlimited Period?

If you download Amazon prime videos on the app, they will only last for 30 days regardless of your subscription. However, if you want to download them to your PC or mobile devices for unlimited use, it is best to use a third-party app such as StreamFab Amazon downloader.